About Us




I am Sherri

I love what I do. Not everyone can say that. Do you have something you love to do? I love creating jewelry. I dream about it. I draw sketches of ideas when I have them. I make notes to myself on pieces I want to make, materials I want to use, and ideas I have for new and different pieces. I notice the jewelry that everyone is wearing, I silently critic their pieces or marvel at the beauty of a well-made and designed piece. I am consumed. Like a school girl with her first true love.

I started making jewelry in 2010. I opened and Etsy shop at this time https://www.etsy.com/shop/jewelrysldesigns.  I have now established this stand alone shop but will continue to maintain my Etsy shop. Please see my reviews in my Etsy shop. I will give the same great service here.

I use good quality materials to make my pieces. I love to shop around for materials to get the best price per unit. Then I can pass this savings on to my customers. Don’t misunderstand, I am not cheap and neither is my work. I want to make sure my jewelry is affordable. I believe every girl should be able to afford a great piece of hand crafted jewelry.

I pour my love into my pieces and my customers recognize that about me. I find a great deal of pleasure in knowing that my works of love are going to a good home.